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Rejecting further special assessments, FDIC seeks to handle today’s failures with tomorrow’s assessments
“Consumer Financial Protection Agency” would consolidate federal consumer protection functions, but split them from bank safety and soundness issues
Debate over ability to patent ideas and business methods could come to a conclusion in the Bilski case this fall. Banks have a stake—in both sides of the case, potentially.
Deputy Secretary Neal Wolin makes case for Consumer Financial Protection Agency, but bankers balk at methods
Obama regulatory reform proposal would make state governments the “first line of defense” over nonbank financial providers who stray. State banker association execs ask how cash-strapped states could do that
Hundreds of bankers gather in Washington at ABA Leadership Meeting to debate Obama regulatory reform plan
Here are links to articles based on presentations at the ABA’s annual compliance meeting. Watch this page for future postings.
Agency could overrule other examiners on consumer issues Updated links!
People used to argue about what a “bank” was. Now the issue is what a bank isn’t
Eliminating ability to walk away from loans may improve underwriting, Barney Frank suggests
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