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ALCO Beat articles featured exclusively on are written by the asset-liability management experts at Darling Consulting Group. Individual authors' credentials appear with their articles. DCG's consultants have served the banking industry for more than 30 years. You can read more about the firm's history here.

Many smaller banks face a rough 2012, with only a few alternatives
Federal Reserve jettisoned all the mystery. Riddle now is: How to cope?
Regulators will slam you if risk attitude is “out to lunch”
You could go two different right ways, today. So, which way? And why?
Today’s squeeze could get worse, but taking new tack may help
Awash in deposits? Will you be when rates rise again?
Strip away big bank results, and see community bank urgency
The unique challenge today's bankers face
Now's time to consider tomorrow's tools
Special ALCO Beat: How to prepare your bank
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