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Who's going to be your banks next CEO? And who will be your next directors?

As crisis days fade, a fresh look at community bank governance

A little story about bank that sincerely got into fair-lending trouble

Technological advances can be applied to every aspect of our lives. Yes, I drink the apple juice meaning that Apple has rolled out some truly life changing technology and I expect more of the same even with Steve gone.

In case you ever become sanguine about your bank's technical expertise in combating identity theft, fraud, cyberattacks, and other forms of information security concerns, one need only check out the list of briefings and workshops offered at the annual Black Hat conference which recently was held in Las Vegas.

The story of "Jane" illustrates key issues

Do you have the conviction in community banking to rethink and rebuild?

Part 1 of a two-part series. It seems a mystery at times why some get fired and others prosper.


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