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How men and women differ on networking

Authors seek differences to promote cooperation

How men and women differ on networking

From the book editor's desk:
To paraphrase from the Bible, of books that can potentially be reviewed, there are without number. Some books cross my desk that are so specialized, I can only see a handful of bankers out there wanting to read them, let alone finding a qualified volunteer to review them. Some are too general, not related enough to banking work or banking or business life. And then some are absolutely right, and well reviewed by one of our volunteer banker reviewers.
Certainly a book that deals with networking relates very directly to banking. To me, much about banking is all about networking.
And a book that aims to deal with differences in the way that men and women network acknowledges something that everyone in business life knows there is some truth to.  You haven't been in business long if this book's discussion of name-tag placement doesn't make you squirm a bit, be you man or woman.


The title of this week's book, Business Networking and Sex (not what you think), is, to a father with teenage daughters, a trifle unfortunate. But, then, the authors make a point when they write:
"You may be wondering what sex has to do with networking. ... Sorry to burst your bubble, but this book is really more about gender than sex, but who's going to do a double take at the bookstore for the title Business, Networking, and Gender? Do I hear crickets chirping? That's exactly why we used the more scintillating title..."
When you get past the title, the book has some practical advice for both the networking novice and the experienced networker. But we'll leave specifics about this to the two well-written banker reviews.

In a break from usual practice, we decided that this gender-oriented book ought to be reviewed by both male and female bankers. I think you'll enjoy reading both perspectives on Business Networking. I did.
Steve Cocheo

Steve Cocheo’s career in business journalism has taken him to all 50 states and nearly every corner of banking in institutions of all sizes. He is executive editor of Bankers Exchange and digital content manager of Previously he spent 36 years on the staff of ABA Banking Journal and 22 years concurrently as editor of ABA Bank Directors Briefing. He is the only journalist to have sat in on three federal banking exams, was a finalist for the Jesse H. Neal national business journalism awards, and a winner of multiple awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors.

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