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MAYDAY over the Mississippi

Banker-pilot’s ordeal begins “First Person”

MAYDAY over the Mississippi

First Person: Because bankers are about more than money

Do you know a banker who *:

• Landed an airplane after the engine exploded
• Patented a new product or business idea
• Climbed Mount Rainier
• Won a major road race
• Published  a novel
• Saved a life
• Played Carnegie Hall
• Opened a successful restaurant
• Rebuilt a locomotive
• Foiled a bank robbery
• Appeared on a major network news show
• Received a medal while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan
• Swam the English Channel for charity
• Sang on “American Idol”
• Built a “green home” from scratch, themselves
• Survived a kidnap attempt
• Competed in the Olympics
• Acted in a movie
• Won the Pillsbury Bake Off
• Donated a family heirloom to the Smithsonian
• Set a new Guinness record.
If you do, we’d like to hear more. We’re looking for bankers doing the exceptional, the unusual, the adventurous, and more.

ABA Banking Journal will present profiles of such bankers in our new monthly section “First Person.” See a sneak preview of the new column right now.

E-mail Editor-in-Chief William Streeter, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or write to him at ABA Banking Journal, 345 Hudson Street, 12 fl, New York, N.Y. 10014

Please do mention photos available, but don’t send electronically until requested. We’ll give you an electronic “drop box” to send them to.

* While employed as a banker, and generally within five years, but we’ll consider all examples.


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