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Wincor Nixdorf Further Simplifies the ATM Experience with Industry’s First Mixed Bundle Deposit Technology

Austin, Tex.—Wincor Nixdorf, the first company to introduce bulk check deposit ATM technology to the banking industry, has taken the technology a significant step further with a mixed bundle deposit ATM. 

The new Wincor Nixdorf ATM allows consumers to deposit a mixed stack of cash and checks at the same time in a single deposit slot with no envelope, while significantly increasing efficiency for financial institutions. 

Financial institutions currently using Wincor Nixdorf’s bulk check deposit ATMs can convert to allow mixed bundle deposits with a modular equipment upgrade.

Because the mixed bundle ATM enables consumers to deposit stacks of up to 50 mixed cash and checks in one transaction, as opposed to a separate transaction for each, the total time spent at the ATM is drastically reduced.  The technology also makes the deposit process safer because consumers no longer have to stand in front of the ATM holding a bundle of cash or checks, waiting to process each transaction separately. 

For small business owners and even consumers with large quantities of checks, Wincor Nixdorf’s mixed bundle ATM accelerates the deposit process further because of its ability to process checks regardless of their orientation in the deposit tray. 

For financial institutions, Wincor Nixdorf’s mixed bundle ATM drastically increases efficiency at the ATM channel because just one of the systems rivals the deposit volume capacity of several conventional, one-check-at-a-time ATMs. 

All of these benefits are in addition to those first afforded by Wincor Nixdorf’s bulk check deposit ATM, including immediate availability of deposited funds, greater convenience for consumers, as well as significantly lower transaction costs and unprecedented check fraud protection for financial institutions.

“This technology is the next major step in our plan to continue to quickly capture additional market share in the U.S. through aggressive, creative innovation,” said Alan Walsh, vice president of banking for Wincor Nixdorf USA.  “Mixed bundle deposit technology further redefines the ATM experience by making deposits faster and easier than ever before, and presents financial institutions with an opportunity to significantly boost efficiency.” 

About Mixed Bundle Deposit ATMs
When multiple checks and notes are deposited into the Wincor Nixdorf mixed bundle deposit ATM, the ATM rapidly scans the checks and notes and displays images of them on both the ATM screen and printed receipt, thereby ensuring consumer confidence in the transaction.  The entire transaction typically takes less than one minute, as opposed to several minutes required by one-check-at-a-time ATMs.

Under the federally legislated Check 21 Act, banks can utilize the images of checks and notes scanned at an ATM to process the deposited funds far more rapidly than can be done with physical checks.

Wincor Nixdorf’s mixed bundle deposit ATM further decreases operating costs by eliminating fraud from empty envelope deposits and digitally spotting fraudulent checks and notes.

Wincor Nixdorf is the preferred supplier of IT products and services to 18 of the world’s 25 leading banks, including each of the 25 leading banks in Europe – while rapidly becoming the preferred provider of multiple leading U.S. banking institutions.

About Wincor Nixdorf
Wincor Nixdorf is one of the world's leading suppliers of IT solutions to the retail and banking industries. The company's extensive portfolio, consisting of hardware products, software, consulting, maintenance and other services, is aimed at reducing the cost and complexity of business processes while improving customer service. Wincor Nixdorf is the world's third largest supplier of POS systems and automated teller machines and the number one supplier of POS systems in Europe (source: Clarendon Report, April 2005). With more than 8,300 employees and net sales of more than $3 billion last fiscal year (as of September 30, 2007), Wincor Nixdorf operates in over 90 countries with manufacturing plants in Germany, China and Singapore. Worldwide headquarters are in Paderborn, Germany and North American headquarters are in Austin, Texas.

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