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RamQuest Introduces Complete Closing Small Business

Plano, TX, September 4, 2008— RamQuest Software, Inc., the recognized leader in the land title software industry and developer of the Closing Market digital network, announced today the availability of its newest solution, Complete Closing Small Business.  Complete Closing Small Business is a comprehensive title and escrow production solution designed to give the small title company all of the capability that they need to be competitive in today’s title market.

Designed with the functionality and flexibility that title companies have come to expect from RamQuest’s business solutions, Complete Closing Small Business is the most comprehensive production solution available today for start-up and small title operations.  Complete Closing Small Business is a streamlined solution that delivers a predefined workflow; this change allows an expedited implementation and lower overall cost, both critical business needs for title companies looking to implement new production solutions in today’s market.  These title companies are now able to be up and running and in production quickly with RamQuest’s Complete Closing Small Business.  This new solution boasts many beneficial features that include comprehensive escrow accounting and check writing; a single point of entering data that is then automatically populated to all appropriate documents; built-in reporting functionality; and the ability to print and file 1099s electronically.

RamQuest President and CEO Mark McElroy comments “Complete Closing Small Business was developed to provide a solid solution for today’s small title company.  Complete Closing Small Business will give these title companies a huge competitive advantage by providing them with a production solution that will help them move beyond simply surviving and enable them to increase efficiency, revenue and grow their business in this difficult market.”

Complete Closing Small Business is fully compatible with RamQuest’s ancillary solutions designed to increase effectiveness and efficiency in today’s title companies.  These solutions include PaperlessCloser, the Company's transaction management software; FileScan Plus, RamQuest's document imaging and management solution; and Closing Market, the digital marketplace that electronically connects a title company to brokers, lenders, service providers, underwriters and other title companies making it easier to do business, eliminating costs by containing the process to an electronic system and reducing cycle time from order receipt to completion.
About RamQuest Software, Inc.
RamQuest Software, Inc., a Texas-based corporation founded in 1991, is the premier provider of software tools for the Land Title Industry. The company’s software products are currently in use for title closings in all 50 states. RamQuest’s state-of-the-art software provides a complete set of tools to facilitate and automate much of the work performed by title companies.  For more information about RamQuest, including Complete Closing Small Business, contact Brett Morrison, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at 800-542-5503 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

Closing Market is RamQuest’s digital marketplace that seamlessly integrates diverse software systems and gives business partners an easy and efficient way to do business together to provide superior service to meet their customers’ needs.  The Closing Market network allows participants to order, exchange and market products and services required in the Real Estate Closing Process.  For more information about Closing Market, visit
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