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Clairmail Event Engine Powers Real-Time 2-Way Actionable Alerts 

Customer and bank-defined 2-way alerting system enables convenient account management and fraud prevention

NOVATO, CALIF. – January 8, 2008ClairMail, Inc., the leader in 2-way mobile phone-based customer interaction, today introduced the ClairMail Event Engine, which empowers the ClairMail System to generate and send 2-way actionable alerts for mobile banking and payments. The robust addition to the ClairMail System enables financial institution customers for the first time to easily define and conveniently receive real-time 2-way mobile alerts for improved account management, heightened fraud prevention and innovative mobile payments.

The ClairMail Event Engine easily integrates with any financial institution back-end system – including credit card and core processing – and can process hundreds of thousands of transactions every minute (6,000/second). The ClairMail Event Engine is able to take both real-time and batch feeds of raw transaction data from the financial institution's systems, check the data against customer and/or financial institution alert preference settings and generate alerts if it is determined that an event has occurred. The ClairMail Event Engine can also generate alerts based on real-time feeds from an existing alerting system in place at the financial institution. The real-time alerts are both conditional (event-triggered) and actionable (provides a response mechanism for customers to resolve the issue via their mobile phones).

The ClairMail Event Engine offers a broad set of alert types that customers can opt-in to receive, including alerts when balances get low or reach zero, a payment requires authorization, a deposit or withdrawal exceeds a threshold amount, a check clears, an overdraft occurs, or a user ID or password changes. Additionally, customers can set preferences for the triggers (dollar thresholds or event occurrences that activate alerts), frequency (when and how often alerts are received) and delivery option (SMS or email) for their alerts.

"Banks should take advantage of the dynamic nature of the mobile channel to maximize customer service through mobile alerts and Interactive Financial Messaging™," said James Van Dyke, Founder and President of Javelin Research. "The two-way, dynamic, real-time nature of alerts in the mobile channel is the primary factor that separates this from the online channel and proves a value to consumers to encourage adoption."

Traditional bank alerting notifications via email or phone often fail to reach customers in a timely manner, thereby denying customers the ability to respond and take immediate action on important financial issues. Given the anytime, anywhere access nature of mobile phones, ClairMail's Event Engine and 2-way alerts solve the problem by delivering crucial personal financial information to customers in real time and empowering them to immediately and directly resolve issues by using their mobile phones.

The ClairMail Event Engine enables financial institutions to reduce losses to fraud and identity theft by delivering 2-way actionable alerts when questionable account activities occur. It also lowers operating expenses by diverting calls from more expensive channels such as call centers and IVRs. Financial institutions can also generate revenue by accompanying alerts with context-relevant marketing messages. The ClairMail Event Engine powers product features that simplify bill payment functionality and allow retailers to reach consumers with targeted promotional offerings on their mobile phones.

"The ClairMail Event Engine is a powerful addition to the ClairMail System and will further enhance our industry-leading 2-way mobile alerting capabilities," said Joseph Salesky, CEO of ClairMail. "Never before have account management and fraud prevention been so simple to manage and fully customizable. By immediately delivering alerts to financial institution customers and empowering them to instantly resolve issues using their mobile phone, ClairMail's Event Engine increases the value of a financial institution's mobile banking and payments offering."

The ClairMail System is the first and only mobile banking and payments solution that supports the "triple play" of all user interface types available for mobile banking and payments – messaging, mobile web and client applications – and its 2-way alerting capabilities work on all three user interfaces. With a single platform and implementation, the ClairMail System seamlessly and securely integrates with financial institutions' systems of record and empowers financial institutions to provide their customers with a comprehensive suite of 2-way mobile banking and payment services. The ClairMail System works on virtually all mobile phones, regardless of manufacturer, model or carrier.

About ClairMail
ClairMail optimizes any mobile phone for 2-way customer interaction. Only the ClairMail System offers mobile banking and payments applications that utilize any phone's existing messaging and mobile web software and extend the capabilities of third-party client applications. On one platform with a single implementation, ClairMail empowers financial institutions to generate revenue and enhance customer service by providing easy and immediate 2-way access to secure information, account management, no-hold customer service, mobile payments, marketing campaigns and Actionable Alerts™. Unlike other proprietary and inflexible point solutions, the ClairMail System is a turnkey, standards-based offering that seamlessly and securely integrates with existing systems, delivers the fastest time to value and provides an alternative to more costly channels like call centers and IVR. Founded in 2004, ClairMail is headquartered in Novato, Calif. The company is privately held and funded by Norwest Venture Partners, Outlook Ventures and JAFCO Ventures. For more information call (415) 884-7270 or visit

About Javelin Strategy & Research
Javelin is the leading provider of nationally-representative, quantitative research focused exclusively on financial services topics. Based on the most rigorous statistical methodologies, Javelin conducts in-depth primary research studies to pinpoint dynamic risks and opportunities. Javelin can be found on the Web at Javelin's report, Interactive Financial Messaging™ – Driving Mobile Channel Adoption through SMS Alerts, outlines why SMS (Short Message Service) or text message alerts will be the real driver of adoption of the mobile channel. Building on extensive, longitudinal data, this research promotes the need to look beyond online bankers, the current target for most financial institutions' mobile banking programs, and provides preference data for alerts types that will gain traction among a wider cross-section of a financial institution's customer base. The study concludes by demonstrating the natural evolution of SMS alerts to two-way Interactive Financial Messaging™ over the next few years that distinguishes mobile from the online channel. For more information about this report, visit or call (925) 225-9100 ext 15.

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