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a-squared Anti-Malware 4.0 merges two world class scanners: a-squared Anti-Malware and Ikarus Anti-Virus!

Emsi Software now gets the support it deserves: In addition to their own praised malware scanner, the freshly published a-squared Anti-Malware 4.0 provides the anti-virus engine Ikarus that received rave reviews in the press. The customer thus gets the optimal malware protection and won't have to worry any more about viruses, trojans, adware, worms, bots, keyloggers, rootkits or dialers. The Background Guard included in the protection software already uses over 2 million signatures for fighting malware.

This is where the fun ends: Modern malicious programs do not simply delete your hard disk, they also steal your identity, empty your bank account and assimilate your PC into an existing illegal bot network as spam spreader without you noticing. It is therefore especially important to protect your computer sufficiently.

a-squared Anti-Malware 4.0: Double protection

a-squared Anti-Malware 4.0 is now available. The security program made by Emsi Software doubles the provided protection and is now equipped with two high-quality scanners that synchronously hunt for malicious programs.

Emsisoft's own a-squared engine now goes along with the Ikarus anti-virus engine. Two scanners at the price of one - according to the motto "better safe than sorry", your PC is now protected from trojans, viruses, spyware, adware, worms, bots. Keyloggers, rootkits and dialers even more effectively.

Christian Mairoll, CEO of Emsi Software GmbH, says: "Two top products merged under one interface - no matter which menaces are summarized with the term malware, the new a-squared Anti-Malware 4.0 puts the kibosh on them."

a-squared Anti-Malware 4.0 scans the system per mouse click if desired, or automatically according to a custom schedule. To guarantee permanent protection, the new version has two instead of one Background Guards that observe every file that is touched on the PC or downloaded from the Internet. One of the guards executes a signature scan for fighting the already known malware, including over 2 million signatures by now. As the signatures are updated several times per day, the Guard always knows how to detect malicious programs and gives an alert as soon as it discovers one (before it can cause any damage, of course).

The second Background Guard reveals new unknown malware by running a behavior analysis. This Malware-Intrusion Detection System (Malware-IDS) was developed by Emsi Software exclusively for the Mamutu software and is now also fully available within a-squared Anti-Malware 4.0.

A further new feature is the surf protection which blocks web pages that try to install trojans or spyware on the user's hard disk.

a-squared Anti-Malware 4.0 offers the following functions:
  • a-squared scan engine for revealing and removing all types of malware

   • Ikarus anti-virus engine for the directed removal of viruses

   • background Guard with signature scan (updates are loaded at least 5 times per day)

   • behavior analysis guard with Malware-Intrusion Detection System

   • anti-Malware Network Community that gives advice about alert and prevents false alerts

   • malicious programs can be deleted or put under quarantine

   • application rules protect individual programs from manipulation

   • full control possible over intern system procedures
   • a-squared HiJackFree for experts controls processes, autoruns and ports

   • a-squared Commandline Scanner automatically scans certain files without using the graphic interface

Christian Mairoll: "We also have provided a-squared Anti-Malware 4.0 with a new, even more easy-to-use interface and forced up the speed considerably, so that scans run even quicker. Moreover, the new program version needs far less RAM compared with two independent anti-virus ans anti-spyware programs."

a-squared Anti-Malware 4.0 is offered for a free trial period of 30 days.

A 1 year licence of the full version of a-squared Anti-Malware 4.0 for Windows costs  $39.95(US). For all customers with a valid licence of an earlier version, the new version is free of charge. You can download the free 30-days trial version on the Homepage (18 MB).

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About Emsi Software
Emsi Software is a private business resident in Austria. The fast-growing company has a positive balance since its launch in 2003 and is run without outside capital. The ambition of Emsi Software is to become one of Europe's leading vendors of behavior analysis technology for analysing software and malware in particular. The company was founded in 2003 by Christian Mairoll who realized his vision of a virtual business - The company's 15 staff members are scattered over all the world and cooperate via the Internet, just as if they were sitting next to each other in real bureau.

The person responsible for the technical ideas is Georg Wicherski, one of the founding members of the "Nepenthes" Honeypot Project and the mwcollect Alliance (a consortium of Honeypot nets for the automatic capture of malware from the Internet) who is held in high esteem within the security sector. The range of products offered by Emsi Software comprise the security programs a-squared Anti-Malware, a-squared Free, a-squared HiJackFree, a-squared Anti-Dialer, and, since the end of 2007, Mamutu.

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