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August 9, 2011

Equifax has reached the half million user mark for its cloud-based identity and strong authentication service, Anakam.ODI On-Demand Identity.

Used to protect data records on business-to-business portals, the Anakam product helps businesses enhance the security and compliance of the data behind their customer portals.

The product lets an enterprise grant secure access to users outside the organization with easy-to-use, remote, on-demand identity validation. This ensures that only trusted users gain access to sensitive data.

The company cites these features and benefits:

•    Businesses no longer need to maintain face-to-face identity verification for users or token-based authentication systems. This streamlines business processes and allows companies to concentrate resources on their core mission.

•    Cloud-based system provides identity verification, identity proofing, credentialing, and two-factor authentication with strong authentication.

•    NIST Level 3 compliant authentication platform includes hard or soft OATH tokens, SMS messaging, interactive voice response, and voice biometrics.

•    Progressive authentication offers multiple solutions for any customer base, be it retail, citizen, or patient-facing through a single platform and can use different vectors based on the risk level of the transaction.

•    Anytime, anywhere log-on improves productivity by allowing users secure and convenient access.

•    Streamlines identity access management policy implementation, security, and management to reduce operating costs.

•    Simple provisioning allows near instant access—enabling an enterprise to provide secure information access to remote employees, partners, and clients.


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