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Compuware Corp. published a new white paper that provides a list of best practices for benchmarking web or mobile site performance based on top performing web and mobile sites on the Compuware Gomez Benchmarks.

Benchmarking—comparing and tracking web or mobile site performance against competitors in given industries and internet leaders—is a first step in determining whether web or mobile site performance is supporting business goals and meeting customers' expectations. This comparative measurement approach can help companies compete more effectively and make better decisions about investments in optimization projects.

This "real-world" view of performance can help companies understand the web or mobile experiences being delivered to customers. This paper, "10 Best Practices for Benchmarking Web and Mobile Site Performance," provides insights into best practices used to routinely compare performance and measure it against reference points.

Questions addressed include:

•    Is our site as fast and available as the average for our industry?

•    How do our site's metrics compare to the internet leaders?

•    What is our site's performance change over time?

Gomez Benchmarks are an impartial, quantitative measurement of comparative web and mobile site performance and rank the web and mobile performance of companies across three key metrics:

•    Response Time—measures the time elapsed while downloading a page or an entire multistep transaction process.

•    Availability—measures the percentage of successfully completed tests out of total test attempts for the measurement period.

•    Consistency—measures the standard deviation of the response time of successful tests completed.

Benchmarks are used by organizations to compare and track performance against competitors and market leaders; baseline and track performance over time; and as key indicators of success for business and IT site owners. Gomez publishes hundreds of global web and mobile performance benchmarks based on more than 20 million monthly tests across 3,000 companies in 13 countries and include:

•    Home Page Backbone Benchmarks: measure the performance of the website's home page from the Internet Backbone.

•    Home Page Last Mile Benchmarks: measure the performance of the home page from the end user's desktop taking into account the real user's connection speed.

•    Transaction Benchmarks: measure the performance of a key business process such as ordering a product or making a stock trade.

•    Mobile Benchmarks: measure the performance of mobile site's home page on the largest carriers and top devices.

Driven by end-user experience, Gomez provides a unified view across the entire application delivery chain, from a user's browser or mobile device, across the internet or a corporate WAN, in the cloud, to inside the data center, eliminating blind spots.

The white paper can be downloaded (requires registration) at


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