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April 19, 2011, LLC, a global provider of web-based business intelligence software, announced its self-service reporting and analytics technology is now available to Apple iPad users. SwiftKnowledge, iPad mobile users can access, create, and interact with intuitive BI reports and dashboards, analyze data, and share information—anywhere, anytime.

“Industry reports consistently cite the iPad as the driving force behind increased mobile BI deployments and adoption rates, so it was a natural move to add iPad support to our self-service BI technology,” said David Macey, SwiftKnowledge CEO. “The iPad is providing robust mobile computing to an even greater number of decision makers, the same people who need real-time access to accurate and unified information. In fact, Apple now claims that more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies are currently deploying/integrating iPads in their enterprise communications programs.”

With SwiftKnowledge’s new iPad support, decision makers have access to customizable BI dashboards and reports, giving them a natural and intuitive way to explore and analyze data in real-time. They can navigate and access existing BI information from the iPad without needing additional training or re-creating content for the mobile platform.

Key benefits of SwiftKnowledge’s iPad support include:

• Web-based access–iPad users log in to their existing SwiftKnowledge account using Safari on a 3G or Wifi network; no client-side applications or downloads are needed.

• Robust analytics–iPad users can create new, ad-hoc, analytical reports on the fly, to be saved or shared.

• No data is stored on the mobile device, assuring protection from unauthorized access of business data if the device is lost or stolen.

• Support for Apple iPad on Safari is available to all SwiftKnowledge customers at no additional charge.

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