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ACH Federal, a provider of web-based ACH processing services to banks and businesses, announced it will work with Payzone, a customized payroll solutions company, to provide an array of ACH processing and transaction services for its customers.

As a result of the partnership, ACH Federal will initiate direct deposit services for Payzone’s small business customers and their employees. ACH Federal will also offer direct debit, making it easy for Payzone to offer the service for its customers.

Payzone offers complete payroll solutions for a wide variety of small businesses, including restaurants and medical service companies. However, the company faced an increasing challenge to offer comprehensive ACH services for its clients, including direct deposit and debit services. In order to provide the widest breath of services, Payzone decided to enlist the expertise of a company specializing in ACH processing and transactions.

“Many banks offer ACH as part of their overall suite of banking services, however, they sometimes lack the direct experience and in-depth knowledge of the ACH business and industry that we require in order to meet our customer demand,” said Andy Aziz, president of Payzone. “ACH Federal is very strict about credit risk and it truly understands the ACH business.”

ACH Federal works directly with banks to offer a complete platform of services to meet the direct deposit and debit needs of its small business customers. The company provides secure online payment processing for small businesses, via a streamlined web-based platform.



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