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Overcome The Barriers To Great Customer Experience

How financial services firms compete on customer experience and win

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Overcome The Barriers To Great Customer Experience

A slew of startups is challenging the customer experience status quo in every industry, but especially financial services.

A white paper from Bluescape cites several recent studies outlining the sweeping changes. A 2014 Ernst & Young survey, for example, found customer experience is the most influential factor in the decision to open or close bank accounts—more so than fees, rates, locations, and convenience.

In this white paper, you will find insights about the three barriers to delivering great customer experience:

Barrier #1: Complexity of Customer Experience
Barrier #2: Siloed Organizational Structure
Barrier #3: Lack of Overall Strategy

The Bluescape paper also describes three essentials to breaking down the barriers to great customer experience:

1. Using a visual collaboration solution to solve complexity
2. Employing a design-driven approach
3. Unifying behind a shared vision

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