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It’s What’s Inside Your Coin Machine That Counts

How different technologies impact accuracy and the customer experience

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It’s What’s Inside Your Coin Machine That Counts

If you are considering adding—or upgrading—self-service coin counting machines, this white paper will help you understand the technology inside these units.

The way different types of counters authenticate, denominate and sort coins varies greatly. The differences can make your organization more or less susceptible to inaccuracy, and can impact machine downtime, staff productivity, and the customer experience.

This white paper provides an overview of:

  • Three most common types of coin processing technologies
  • Pros and cons of each technology and their impact on accuracy

PLUS: Links to six bank and credit union case studies on their use of self-service coin counters in branches

Get the white paper to understand how different technologies impact accuracy, reliability and the customer experience.


This white paper is brought to you by: Cummins Allison

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