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Digital Transactions Drive The Future Of Banking

How financial institutions can stay competitive by going paperless

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Digital Transactions Drive The Future Of Banking

Everybody by now knows that Millennials are “digital natives,” yet according to one recent study, 20% of all banking customers already are full digital users. That percentage will only grow. The consensus is clear, states a white paper from digital solution provider DocuSign, “Consumers expect the bank of the future to be digital.”

A white paper prepared by IDG notes that as consumers increasingly rely on mobile and other electronic transactions, banks must eliminate paper and paper-related processes in order to stay competitive. A significant side benefit is the automation and streamlining of workflows.

The cornerstone to this transformation is the Digital Transaction Management (DTM) system. The white paper explores how companies can create entirely digital workflows.

Key elements of this white paper:

• Why becoming a digital bank is essential

• How to get started putting a Digital Transaction Management system in place

• What a good DTM system should do

• The three primary benefits of going paperless

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