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Banking Trends Through a Millennial Lens

Exciting discoveries that demystify the relationship between Millennials and their financial institutions

Banking Trends Through a Millennial Lens

Much has been written about the Millennial generation, yet many questions remain about Millennials’ approach to finances and their relationships with financial institutions. New research from The Center for Generational Kinetics and CSI puts real numbers to the common lore about the Millennial generation, verifying some assumptions and correcting some that are incorrect.

One example of an incorrect assumption: Millennials are only interested in digital interactions with financial institutions. Study results present a very different picture.

The results of this benchmark study, presented in a 26-page white paper from CSI, can be distilled into three key conclusions:

  1. The mobile game is a must-win
  2. Millennials respond to rewards
  3. Security concerns are a red alert

Each of these are explored in detail in the survey report.

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This white paper is brought to you by CSI

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