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Eco-friendly savings kit for kids

Unusual piggies offer banks a way to help teach good financial habits 

Eco-friendly savings kit for kids
 Here’s a new twist on an old favorite. California graphic designer Becky Brown has been selling sets of vinyl and pewter piggy banks under the name Pick Pigs for about two years as a way to help teach financial literacy. Now she has introduced personalized, more affordable sets of banks made of recycled cardboard. As seen in the photo, they’re actually piggy boxes with a rubber stopper nose, pictures of a pig on the sides, and a slot on top for money. 

They come in sets of three, each labeled Saving, Sharing, or Spending. A colorful, illustrated book, written by Brown, comes with each kit and explains through a story for young children the basic concepts of saving, sharing with others, and spending. In the story, a little girl named Julia receives three piggy banks and ten $1 bills from her grandmother. As the story unfolds, she learns from friends and relatives about each of the three categories, and ends up putting $5 in Saving, $3 in Sharing, and $2 in Spending. (You’ll have to read the story to see what she finally decides to do with her spending money.)

The recyclable Pick Pigs kit comes in a presentation box containing three cardboard pigs (they’re easy to assemble—even Grandpa can do it), three rubber nose stoppers, and the book. The kits are produced by Valley Casting, Maple Grove, Minn. Each pig is printed with its purpose (Saving, Sharing, or Spending) on one side and the bank’s logo on the other.

Brown displayed prototypes of the kits at the recent ABA National Conference for Community Bankers in San Diego, where her husband, Rod Brown, a former community banker and current president of the California Bankers Association, was also in attendance. She says there was a lot of interest among the 1,000+ attendees. "Many banks have one piggy bank, and hadn't thought of teaching an introduction to money management," says Brown. The recycled Pick Pigs kits can be ready in two to three weeks after receiving a bank's logo and order form, she adds. Prices, which include printing the logo, start at $12.99 per set for orders of 300-999, and drop in steps to $6.75 per set for very large orders. Bankers interested in buying the kits to give to customers should contact Ben Knutson of Valley Casting at 800-695-8260 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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