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Banker tackles Kilimanjaro: Final podcast

Follow Seattle exec’s trek day-by-day! New update: Podcast interview back in Seattle 

Banker tackles Kilimanjaro: Final podcast

Every year Sound Community Bank’s Board of Directors asks CEO Laurie Stewart to set some stretch goals for the bank and for herself. This year Stewart, 61, went all out and decided to climb Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro for a cause—the Climb to Fight Breast Cancer.

Stewart had never climbed a mountain before. And Kilimanjaro, while not a “technical climb”—one requiring specialized equipment—is no mere hike. Extreme weather conditions, altitude sickness, and the sheer effort to reach the summit all challenge the first-timer.

Besides the adventure, Stewart would see a part of the world most of us will never visit, meeting people living under conditions much different from our own.

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Read the story behind Stewart’s climb as it appears in the September ABA Banking Journal “First Person” column.
Since late September, we've been updating Stewart's story with dispatches and more that Stewart sent to ABA Banking Journal Executive Editor Steve Cocheo by email, texting, and satellite phone. The series is now complete, including the final episode, number 10, which includes a podcast of a 30-minute interview with Stewart after her return to Seattle. 

Laurie Stewart heads to Africa

Arrival in Arusha, as
Kilimanjaro beckons



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