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Uber Visa pulls up this week

Co-branded Barclaycard features millennial-friendly features

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Now it's the "Uberization" of bankcards. No extra charge for the embossed pun in this sample. Now it's the "Uberization" of bankcards. No extra charge for the embossed pun in this sample.

Uber and Barclaycard US have introduced a co-branded Visa credit card that integrates with the Uber mobile app. Among the rewards features of the card are points that can be used towards Uber rides.

Uber subscribers will be able to apply for the new card through the Uber app beginning Nov. 2. They can also apply online. The companies promise approval “in less time than an Uber ride” and that rewards can begin being earned immediately. While using the card for payment for rides within the app is built in, customers will also receive a physical Uber card.

The card features no annual fee and a one-time bonus of $100 after the user spends $500 in the first 90 days. Among additional features, many relating to the Uber mobile concept, are:

• Up to $600 in damage and theft insurance on the cardholder’s mobile phone, provided the card is used to settle phone fees.

• 2% cash back on many online purchases, including Uber fares.

• 4% cash back on charges at restaurants, takeout, and bars, including UberEATS.

• 3% back on airfare, hotels, and vacation home rentals.

Redemption for Uber fares occurs within the app, and is limited to $500 daily.

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