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Bill Streeter

Bill Streeter

Bill Streeter is Editor & Publisher of Banking Exchange. He has been a full-time business journalist for 43 years, 37 of them with ABA Banking Journal. During his time with the Journal, he rose from Assistant Managing Editor to Editor-in-Chief and in 2012 became Editor & Publisher. He has been an observer of momentous changes in banking, from the introduction of ATMs to the 2008 financial crisis and passage of the Dodd-Frank Act. He has won numerous business journalism awards, including being part of a team that won a finalist position in the Jesse Neal Awards, the "Pulitzer Prize" of business journalism.

Only efficient lenders have left the recession behind
There’s room for improvement, but bank IT isn’t quite jurassic either
Rates and reg rollbacks are key—neither one is likely to change quickly
A wakeup call for bankers … and for America
John Sculley warns that success creates disincentive to change. Just ask Kodak
No one technique works all the time, so you need multiple approaches
8 steps to coping with change
Cambridge Savings turns to SigFig for retail investment service
Chip Mahan’s Live Oak Bank shows there’s lots of life yet in banking model—if you innovate
Equity form of crowdfunding opens new doors for West Coast community bank
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