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Ken Proctor

Ken Proctor

Ken Proctor is managing director, risk management, at Abound Resources. He is both a certified public accountant and a certified bank auditor. He brings 40 years of professional banking and consulting experience to Abound, where he heads up the risk management practice. Before joining Abound Resources, Proctor managed the efforts of four financial institutions to comply with regulatory enforcement actions, including consent agreements and written agreements. Additionally, he has completed BSA/Anti-Money Laundering compliance assessment, GLBA 501b information security reviews and IT audits for a number of U.S. financial institutions. Ken created the risk management practice areas for two national consulting firms during his tenure with those organizations. He also served as a senior consultant with two international risk management consulting firms. He served as an internal consultant with a major regional bank, held responsible management positions in the auditing departments of two southeastern regional commercial banks, and worked as a public accountant.

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