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Young execs discuss challenges of  job and being “bankers”

Much has been said and written about the challenges of management succession.

But less has been said about what happens after the succession happens.

As the transition from the current generation to the newer generation goes on, younger bankers have been stepping into the leadership of both established banks and startup institutions.

These younger bankers often have great respect for the concepts and approaches used by the previous generation.

But they also have new ideas.

Ideas about products. Ideas about community bank culture.

And even ideas about what “community bank” means.
  When the previous generation won’t leave…
Management succession is a challenge by itself. Another challenge is when succession has been addressed, but the previous generation won’t let go. You can read more about solutions to this quandary in Let it go, Joe.”
And don’t think that the new generation of leaders represents a homogenous group. They can be as different from each other as they are from their predecessors.

In this two-part podcast, you’ll hear from six bankers, who will introduce themselves at the beginning of Part 1. Some, but not nearly all, of what they had to say was summarized in our April Community Banking Department story, “Our Turn.”

Whether you are part of banking’s current generation, or part of the generation stepping into leadership, we hope you find this podcast as interesting as we found the original, longer two-hour roundtable discussion that it is extracted from.

Listen to Part 1 of  “Young Bankers: Our Turn” (48 minutes)

Listen to Part 2 of  “Young Bankers: Our Turn” (30 minutes)

Bankers participating in the roundtable discussion
James Edwards
United Bank
Griffin, Ga.
  Joshua Guttau
President & CFO
Treynor State Bank
Treynor, Iowa
  Bryan Luke
Executive Vice-President
Hawaii National Bank
Honolulu, Hawaii

Trey Maust
Co-President and CEO
Lewis & Clark Bank
Oregon City, Ore.
  David Rom
President & CEO
Platinum Bank
St. Paul, Minn.
  Alex Williams
President and CEO
Halstead Bank
Halstead, Kan. 

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