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Cyberfraud/ID Theft
Watson has helped Regions answer over 1.5 million customer calls and 1.4 million banker questions
Enables key decision makers to effectively manage organizational risk and streamline annual planning
My time in the music world taught me lessons about creativity and teamwork that I recognize in the business world
Few industries are leveraging AI to the full extent of the technology’s power
Even with ample resources, authorities are critically disadvantaged without a robust whistleblower program
More consumers are choosing their banking providers on the basis of a convenient, frictionless digital experience
Today, thousands of botnets can perform what used to require hundreds of hours of work in just a few seconds
Looming large are the disruptive threats from techfins
CD’s have come back into the investment conversations over the last few months
Building a brand with prime members at the beginning of their credit journey is crucial
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