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Webinar: Public Trading for U.S. Banks

Free On-Demand Editorial Webinar From Banking Exchange and OTC Markets Group

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Banking Exchange and OTC Markets Free Editorial Webinar

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Title: "Public Trading for U.S. Banks"
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If you are a bank that is currently publicly-traded or are looking to learn more information to go public on OTC Markets, please join Laura Hamilton, VP of Corporate Services for U.S. Banks live on November 17th at 2pm for a webinar that will discuss the opportunities banks have to increase their shareholder value in the public markets and grow their bank's visibility.

Topics will include:

  • Overview of OTC Markets (OTCQX, OTCQB and Pink)
  • Performance updates on OTCQX community bank stocks
  • Should your bank consider going public
  • Benefits of trading on OTCQX vs. NASDAQ (cost savings, reporting requirements, etc.)
  • Why visibility for your bank matters

Attendees will learn the benefits and challenges of being listed on different exchanges or being independent, and will have the opportunity to interact with experts. The space is limited to 300 bankers, so please click on the link below to register today and we will send you follow up information.


Our Presenter:

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Laura Hamilton is a Vice President of Corporate Services at OTC Markets Group, where she focuses on new business development for community banks across the US. In this role, Laura manages the OTCQX Banks market where she advises both private and public community banks on trading and liquidity in the U.S. equity markets. Since 2017, Laura has helped over 125 community banks trade on OTCQX, including many that went public on the market. Prior to joining OTC Markets, Laura specialized in corporate development and worked in Corporate Finance at JP Morgan Chase. Laura received her BS in Finance from the University of Maryland.

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