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On-Demand Webinar: Banking Meets Crypto

Traditional financial institutions can no longer afford to ignore cryptocurrencies and digital assets

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Webinar: Banking Meets Crypto

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After a decade of growth and an appeal to many customers across age groups, traditional financial institutions can no longer afford to ignore cryptocurrencies and digital assets. But how do they fit in this decentralized space and securely move forward?

Join CSI’s Vice President of Payment Strategy, Derrick Bretz, and Director of Payment Strategy, Matt Herren, as they discuss this evolving market.

You’ll learn:

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Derrick Bretz
Vice President of Payment Strategy, CSI

As Vice President of Payment Strategy, Derrick Bretz leads strategic product development and quality improvement initiatives within CSI Payment Services. In his role, Derrick enhances payment and commerce experiences and customer education through the use of data analytics. His diverse background in the financial industry gives him a solid understanding of emerging payment technologies and their impact on the payments ecosystem. Derrick has been with CSI for 16 years.

Matt Herren,
Director of Payment Strategy, CSI

Matt Herren is the Director of Payment Strategy at CSI. With a strong focus on emerging technologies and how they apply to the financial industry, Matt has led CSI’s effort to drive innovation in the payment space. In his role, Matt has worked to enhance customer experience and helped direct innovative product offerings to increase bank profitability, allowing banks to realize industry-leading results and maximize program performance. Matt has been with CSI for 13 years and graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics before receiving his MBA from Purdue University.

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