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On-Demand Webinar: Belt and Suspenders

How Multiple Layers of Defenses Work Together to Keep Your Bank Covered

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Webinar:  Belt and Suspenders

How Multiple Layers of Defenses Work Together to Keep Your Bank Covered

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Cyber threats and attack vectors are ever-changing, especially due to the current geopolitical climate and distribution of data. Financial institutions remain attractive targets for cyber criminals due to the amount of sensitive data they hold. Join CSI’s Director of Product Strategy, Sean Martin, for his insight into why and how institutions should embrace a holistic cybersecurity approach to strengthen their defenses against these evolving threats. 

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Sean Martin
Sean Martin
Director of Product Strategy, CSI Business Solutions Group

Sean Martin is director of Product Strategy, CSI Business Solutions Group for Managed Services. He has worked to establish cybersecurity programs for financial institutions for over 15 years. Previously, Sean has served as Network and Security Operations Manager, Product Manager, and various engineering roles since 2001. In his role, Sean identifies and implements solutions designed to maximize security and profitability for financial institutions. Sean speaks regularly on a variety of financial technology issues, ranging from managed services to IT security best practices.

Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
Director of Network & Security Operations, CSI

Stephen Smith has more than 24 years of Information Technology experience in the areas of Systems Management, Information Security and Compliance. Prior to joining CSI, Stephen worked for more than a decade as the IT Security and Compliance officer for a civilian U.S. Department of Defense/NATO contractor in the field of distributed logistics databases. Stephen has been with CSI since 2009 and is currently serving clients as the Director of Network & Security Operations.

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