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Global Electric Vehicle Production and Activity Tracker

2021 could be the year when electric vehicles go mainstream. With ESG in the spotlight, consumers globally are adopting the EV lifestyle fast, and electric car manufacturers are reporting record sales.

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RS Metrics spotted the EV opportunity back in 2015 when we first began custom monitoring the manufacturing facilities of lead electric car producers such as Tesla, NIO, Nikola, Tortoise Acquisition, and BYD Auto, and kept innovating our methodology to remain ahead of the curve.

Our EV Tracker quantitative analysis of high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery currently delivers instantaneous asset-level data and invaluable insights for investments and risk assessment at your fingertips. We track and estimate monthly and quarterly production, employee cars, and container trucks stored outside.

Below is a peak into our recent EV Tracker insight into how COVID-19 affected Tesla factories and production before official company reports. If you are interested in exploring the scope and depth of our EV Tracker reports, you can download a complimentary one by clicking on the button.

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These satellite images show a side-by-side comparison of Tesla facilities in consecutive months to reveal a drop in production in 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread. Source: RS Metrics

If you are evaluating investing in a leading EV company or you want to keep an eye on factors that may influence your EV-bound capital, let's talk. Our custom monitoring solutions may be the bespoke business intelligence tool you need right now.

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