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6 reasons to brand your ATMs

Increasingly sophisticated machines remain key touch point with customers

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  • Written by  Carol Moore, Cummins Allison
6 reasons to brand your ATMs

Today’s banks must use every channel available to build their brands—from brick-and-mortar branches to mobile and call centers. The ATM channel continues to be one of the most important ways banks interact with their customers.

In fact, over 80% of financial institutions surveyed view ATMs as a “very” or “extremely important” customer touch-point.1 Likewise 74% of customers ranked convenience of ATM locations important when selecting a financial institution.2

ATMs are a key branding tool for banks to strengthen brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and even drive additional revenue opportunities. A strong ATM channel strategy—including machine branding—is a must have.

Here are the top six benefits to branding your bank’s ATMs:

1. Visually motivate machine usage. Branded ATMs draw attention to machines and stimulate new business. A non-branded machine blends into the background and may not be noticed. Branding calls attention to the machine and increases usage.

2. Differentiate yourself from competitors. Banks can set themselves apart with attention-getting signage and surrounds. A strong visual identity can promote usage—even with non-customers—and positively impact your bank’s brand. Seventy-seven percent of U.S. respondents agreed that banks employing digital signage are more innovative than those that don’t, and banks that are seen as innovative also scored higher for customer satisfaction.3

3. Build awareness and customer loyalty. ATMs are a convenient service that is expected by your customers. Branding aligns your customer to your organization. According to a recent Gallup study, customers aligned with your brand give it twice as much share of wallet.

4. Clarify and reinforce your message. ATMs let you use visual storytelling to connect with your customers. Compelling images can communicate your brand promise—and they also allow you to cross-sell other products, increasing revenue. ATMs can and should serve as an additional channel to deliver marketing and product messages.

5. Strike an emotional note with customers. ATMs can and should serve as an additional channel to deliver your marketing messages. A conscious, deliberate message can strike a chord to drive new business or win repeat business.

6. Promote continuity across your footprint. Effective use of your ATMs includes branding and message continuity. Non-branded ATMs can detract or dilute other marketing or channel efforts, and in effect, dilute customer loyalty.

ATMs are a highly used banking channel. In a recent survey, 59% of respondents indicated that they use an ATM at least once per week.4 Branding your ATMs can help to ensure that every interaction reinforces your bank’s messages and services; boosting loyalty and generating new opportunities.


1 Cummins Allison, “Industry Survey: The Changing Face of the ATM Market”

2 Dieringer Research Group Conjoin Consumer Study

3 Stratacache, "Understanding the Role of Digital Signage in Retail Banking”


About the author

Carol Moore is vice-president, marketing at Cummins Allison.

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