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Innovative and Customized Retail Solutions

Digital payments are witnessing a multi-fold development

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  • Written by  Mr. Sanjeev Patil, the CEO & Founder of Girmiti Software
Innovative and Customized Retail Solutions

With the rapid evolution of new-age technologies, digital payments are witnessing a multi-fold development. Digital payments are shaping Retail industry by empowering customers with convenient and easily accessible transactions and are enabling retailers in providing differentiated customer experience in a store or online. The growth of mobile payments and fastest payment technologies like NFC are contributing to the seamless adoption of digital payments.  

With vast expertise in payments domain, Girmiti provides value added digital payment solutions to the retailers. As the end-to-end payment solutions providers, we develop suite of both in-store and online payment solutions that offers interoperability and efficiency. 

In payments, there is nothing like “one size fits all” solution. Reckoning this, we extensively customize the payment solutions according to the business needs. 

To set up a digital payment system, any retailer, depending on the scale of business, would essentially require a merchant account and a payment gateway. We have the competency of providing these solutions together or exclusively, depending on the business requirements. 

Vastly featured POS solutions can fulfill all the retail payment requirements as it can integrate multiple areas of business that includes inventory management, customer management, sales reporting, payment processing etc., 

Girmiti’s suite of in-store POS solutions includes inventory management, customer management, sales reporting etc., We have vast experience of developing these solutions for all front-end channels like PC POS, POS, Readers and Cash Register. As All the digital transactions require a method of payment, we enable our consumers to choose their method of payment, our solutions support transactions through EMV, smartcard, NFC, Loyalty, prepaid cards and mobile etc., 

Girmiti brings expertise in building online digital payment solutions like e-commerce, m-commerce, portals and apps, Mobile wallets that are appealing, easy to use, and adaptable. Prioritizing our customer’s choice in making payments, our solutions have ability to accept payments using various online payment instruments such as Net Banking, Debit, Credit, Loyalty and Prepaid cards etc., that allows transactions through NFC, QR code, Bar code, BLE etc., 

The suite of online digital payment solutions of Girmiti includes Merchant portal, Enterprise resource planning, Shopping Cart & Web Checkout, Terminal management system, Gifts & Loyalty Programs, Offers & Rewards etc., These solutions help retailers to entice consumers by providing ultimate convenience and safety, which they seek out the most.

Girmiti’s ingenuity in developing kernels, SDKs etc., that supports all operating systems of customer’s choice has made it a one-stop payment solution provider. 

As a payment solution provider, we deliver customized payment solutions and services that helps in enhancing the customer experience. We comply with PCI DSS standards and ensure safe & secure transactions. Girmiti has vast know-how in providing issuance platforms and getting them certified with payment schemes and processors.

About Girmiti Software: 

Leveraging payment expertise and new age-technology, Girmiti Software is one of the leading global payment solution providers. We are committed to provide innovative digital payment solutions that are simple, efficient and secure. With our solutions and services, we enhance the existing payment systems and help businesses to make the payments easy for their customers by providing multiple payment channels. We offer comprehensive suite of digital payment solutions & services that include Digital Issuance that supports SE or HCE, Payment Gateways, HCE, TMS, Digital Wallet, loyalty, AFCS, mPOS & E-commerce, which helps in seamless and secure payments. Depending on the business requirements, our solutions and services are tailored and deployed in companies of various industries that include banks, processors, schemes, retail, OEM, telecom, transit, bookings, restaurants, healthcare etc., We are proud to be partnering with global leading companies and we continue to create an impeccable impact to our customer businesses through our exceptional quality and customer services.

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