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Banking Exchange to Host Speakers on Next Generation Digital Statements

The presentation and discussion will take place digitally on April 20

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Banking Exchange to Host Speakers on Next Generation Digital Statements

Consumers are moving to digital even faster than anyone had anticipated due to the lock down, and analysts expect the trend to continue. Banks are keeping pace by transitioning from paper and embracing the next generation of digital innovation. Banks and credit unions are looking to provide meaningful conversations and the best possible experience for their customers.

A key component to this process will be crafting well designed personal communication that is reliable and effective across multiple devices. Digital information for the customer needs to be timely, engaging and informative. This is one of the key challenges, particularly for community banks and credit unions, in competing not only with large institutions but also digital only competitors.

On April 20 at 3 pm Eastern time, Banking Exchange will be hosting the CEO and Co-Founder of InfoSlips Alan Burger and Steve DuPerreieu the vice president of operations at CSI for a meaningful discussion on next generation digital statements. The digital presentation is free for banks and credit unions. Banking Exchange’s panel will cover customer expectations with every transaction, how to make deeper connections through personalized communication and ways to create digital conversation with customers. The presentation will also include examples of how interactive statements have transformed customer relations. To join the discussion, please register on the link below:

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Webinar — Delivering Next Generation Digital Statements to Drive Deeper Customer Engagement

Time/Date: April 20, 2:00 CT

To satisfy consumers’ growing use of digital everything, your bank must move beyond paper statements and embrace next generation digital. Join this free webinar to understand how your bank can provide meaningful conversations and the best possible customer experience by crafting personalized communications that are well designed, error-free, and device agnostic—while delivering timely, engaging, and informative documents.


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