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Stronghold accelerates FinTech innovation with new investment arm

Stronghold has launched a new investment arm to drive opportunities, and develop new products and business models

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Stronghold accelerates FinTech innovation with new investment arm

Payments and financial infrastructure company Stronghold has launched Stronghold Capital, a $100 million investment fund, to expand “founder representation and access in FinTech innovation”.

Stronghold Capital will invest $100 million in companies and funds across three core areas, including the payments and FinTech ecosystem, the Web3 and blockchain ecosystem, and “overlooked and underrepresented” founders and fund managers.

According to Stronghold, the new investment fund will make investments in companies with business models that are able to generate attractive returns.

It has already invested in a crypto market firm, Alameda Research, by committing to a DeFi syndicated loan through Maple Finance.

Stronghold Capital is also set to expand access from Stronghold’s payments ecosystem to the overall financial ecosystem.

Tammy Camp, CEO and co-founder of Stronghold, will serve as fund manager for Stronghold Capital.

According to Camp, the new investments arm will “create opportunities to develop new products and business models that improve the financial infrastructure for everyone”.

“Identifying and investing in emerging talent—especially underrepresented and undervalued founders— stands to benefit the developer community, the fintech industry, and even society as a whole,” says Camp.

The creation of the new investment arm follows a wave of momentum for Stronghold’s SHx token, now listed on KuCoin, a top-five global currency exchange.

HSBC announced last year it will allocate $100 million in lending for companies that are founded and led by women and minorities through HSBC ventures, its venture debt program.

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