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It would make sense to research how other sectors leverage the technology to improve the lives of its customers
A new study shows that most impact investment funds are focused on just a few of the Sustainable Development Goals
Universe of impact funds still grew last year despite macroeconomic headwinds, according to Phenix Capital
More than $6.2 billion exited funds in the fourth quarter, but globally sustainable funds were resilient to market weaknesses
Three quarters of fund buyers want tighter rules to ensure managers do what they say on sustainability and impact
Most individual investors expect responsible investment considerations to be part of every investment strategy
The Institute of International Finance expects $1.7 trillion in new bonds and loans to be sold this year
A United Nations survey finds company bosses in favor of greater impact investing to achieve Sustainable Development Goals
As the COP15 biodiversity conference starts in Montreal, the UN calls for a doubling of global investment
The two big questions institutions must answer to do well from doing good
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