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Real-time payments needed—and soon

Implementation seen coming in five years or less

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Real-time payments needed—and soon

Nearly one in four responding to an updated ACI Worldwide survey believe the U.S. should move directly to real-time, faster payments.

The survey of 106 financial industry professionals was conducted in April at the NACHA Payments Conference.

Principal findings of this year’s survey included:

• 97% of respondents believe Same Day ACH payments will become a reality within the next five years (up 5% from the 2014 survey).

• 92% believe that Same Day ACH will add “significant” value to businesses and corporate bank clients (up 6% from the 2014 survey).

• Nearly 75% of respondents believe same day should be pursued.

• 80% have made a mobile payment (up nearly 5% from the 2014 survey).

Of those respondents who’ve made mobile payments, paying via the established QR code-based payment models of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts ranked highest, followed by Apple Pay.

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