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The British government has pushed off the decision to go forward with a digital pound until at least 2025

The new ETFs approved last week could mean greater reach for the asset class

Bitcoin ETFs finally came through as investors can now more easily invest in Bitcoin

As physical cash use declines and new cryptocurrencies arise, central banks are looking for ways to maintain control over their financial systems

Trade body and thinktank commend House Financial Services Committee for backing the need for Congressional approval before a central bank digital currency can be issued

Trade body and thinktank criticize central bank digital currencies before the Subcommittee on Digital Assets, Financial Technology and Inclusion

Bitcoin and its other cryptocurrencies have seen trading volumes fall to five year lows this month

Small community bank caught up in FTX scandal is selling its assets to Bank of Eastern Oregon

New service from Etana comes amid uncertainty about cryptocurrency custody services

Binance blaming “Unjustified civil claims against our business.”

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