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Market volatility around the 2020 election is pushing mortgage rates down even lower

Not only does technology provide a better customer experience, but it is proven to create a more efficient and less risky lending process from beginning to end

Default rates have yet to reflect the economic impact of the pandemic, according to Milliman – but may not be as bad as expected

With individuals and companies expected to find it increasingly difficult to manage debt, banks need to prepare now, says Accenture

Ponce Bank has entered into a partnership with Grain Technology to use its AI-powered credit tools

The PPP and related changes to operations could reshape some areas of the banking sector, says PwC

Less than a quarter of homeowners in forbearance have managed to make payments for May, according to fintech firm Black Knight

New York-based Signature Bank says roughly 14% of its loan book is seeking to defer payments as the pandemic challenges cashflow

More central bank action expected after Bank of England also cuts interest rate to offset COVID-19 effect on economy

US banking groups have reduced their prime and reference lending rates following yesterday’s Federal Reserve rate cut

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