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Broader sustainable fixed income market could add $1 trillion this year, according to SEB

Funds with more than $400 billion in assets will incorporate “pecuniary” ESG process

Morningstar’s benchmark is tilted on gender equality data, while MSCI’s is a broad ESG index

Fidelity, UBS Asset Management, and AXA Investment Managers among signatories to new agreement

The United States has already surpassed $28 billion in Socially Responsible Investing funds this year

A new President that is more sensitive to climate change and sustainability means investment policy will likely shift in favor of ESG investments

A new survey from data company Preqin shows that investors in private equity, private debt and real assets expect SRI to play a greater role over the next five years

Successful strategies will require ‘system level thinking’ and alternative data sources and analysis, according to a new report

The asset manager has pledged to become a carbon-neutral company, while Morningstar has fully integrated ESG reporting into its research

The organization has been criticized for planning to introduce a new standard into an already crowded market

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