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Six CEOs on their “favorite” banking law
As Dodd-Frank implementation continues, new Congress heads towards Fannie-Freddie debate, future of housing finance, and implementation oversight
Banks owe no BSA duty of care to non-customers, nor is there any private right of action for customers nor non-customers
Don't wait for the regs—start talking to H.R., Legal, Operations now!
How Arvest controls employee use of new media //
Banking lawyer-turned-launderer-turned-consultant Ken Rijock warns bankers never to reveal reasons when turning down prospective customers
Discussions on UDAP, CRA, RESPA, overdraft, and more underscore bank challenges 
Speakers at ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference warns bankers on overdraft compliance issues
Regulators’ new approach to financial services disclosures
More help with new overdraft rules
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