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Mobile imaging completes mobile banking circle

Snap to snap: From mobile enrollment to mobile receipts

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Mobile imaging completes mobile banking circle

With the increase in use of mobile deposit and of mobile banking overall, financial institutions are closer than ever to connecting the dots with 360-degree mobile banking experience, says Javelin.

"As consumers shift to relying on their smartphones and tablets for everyday activities, financial institutions should adjust their banking strategies," says Mary Monahan, executive vice president and research director. "The small screens of smartphones make it imperative to reimagine how consumers can conveniently make transactions. By strategically moving customers to the digital channels they prefer, financial institutions can also take advantage of lower costs."

A comprehensive end-to-end experience starts with mobile authentication and enrollment of a customer. In the past,

Looking forward other imaging activities that can create an end-to-end mobile experience include credit card balances switched using mobile balance transfers, setting up bill payments by scanning bills with mobile device's camera, taking a picture of a credit or debit card with the phone's camera for shopping, and even snapping a picture of a receipt for tax purposes.

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