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Coping with “lower-for-longer”

On-Demand Banking Exchange Web Seminar details strategies for ongoing low-rate challenge

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On-Demand Banking Exchange presentation features practical solutions from working bankers and a noted national ALCO consultant. On-Demand Banking Exchange presentation features practical solutions from working bankers and a noted national ALCO consultant.

Join Banking Exchange for an on-demand 90-minute in-depth panel discussion on practical solutions for dealing with the ongoing challenge of low rates and the uncertain timing of future rate hikes. A one-time enrollment fee of $95 entitles the listener to unlimited replays for four weeks.

Panelists include bankers from Texas and Maine facing distinct ALCO challenges plus an asset/liability management expert from Darling Consulting Group, the firm that produces our “ALCO Beat” articles.

“Coping With Rate Uncertainty” features real-world operational strategies for this critical challenge to banks’ asset-liability management, pricing, and investment decision making.

The web seminar features specifics, or, as one speaker says, “How to play the hand your bank has been dealt.” Every bank’s ALCO situation is unique.


Key points discussed:

Fed reading. Context from the Fed’s recent Open Market Committee meeting, and implications for the near-future.

Weighing your position. Risks from being too asset or too liability sensitive.

Effective balance sheet strategies in the current environment.

Stress testing’s role—what to stress, specifically, and how to use the results.

Pricing decisions. How various rate scenarios impact loan and deposit pricing.

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Details about speaker presentations

Matt Pieniazek, president of Darling Consulting opens with a two-part presentation:

Part 1 assesses the latest developments and the implications for community banks—plus how to correctly pinpoint your bank’s risk position.

Part 2 delves into strategy and action. Sample: “Asset versus Liability Sensitive: Let your balance sheet drive your strategies.”

Tracy Bacon, COO, FirstCapital Bank of Texas discusses her $980 million-assets bank’s approach, including a look at the challenges faced by an oil-patch lender and recent decisions taken about funding.

Steve Ward, CFO, First National Bank, discusses how his $1.6 billion-assets Maine bank has been increasing income through the low-rate period using selective optionality using municipal instruments. This bank operates its Treasury function more like a $5-$10 billion bank and it’s worked well.

Steve Cocheo, Banking Exchange executive editor and digital content manager moderates the web seminar.

Join Banking Exchange for this timely and practical presentation on-demand


ALCO Beat articles featured exclusively on are written by the asset-liability management experts at Darling Consulting Group. Individual authors' credentials appear with their articles. DCG's consultants have served the banking industry for more than 30 years. You can read more about the firm's history here.

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