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American Express Goes to a Hybrid Work Model

Blending three days in the office with two days where employees can choose to work from home

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American Express Goes to a Hybrid Work Model

American Express staff will move to a hybrid working model in the post-Covid 19 world blending three days in the office with two days where employees can choose to work from home.

In an email to all colleagues sent Wednesday, chairman and chief executive officer Stephen J. Squeri said the blend of in-office and ‘colleague choice days’ will be the default for most colleagues, noting that the hybrid model captured the best of both worlds.

“Being in the office together is an important part of our culture. Spending time together deepens connections, builds unity, fosters community and enterprise thinking, and creates opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and spontaneous innovation,” Squeri said.

He added that the virtual environment ‘worked well’ for American Express.

He said: “Greater inclusivity across our global colleague base, increased work-life balance, an enhanced digital mindset, and cutting through bureaucracy to get things done.”

Squeri announced three exceptions to the hybrid model. These include employees who worked virtually prior to the pandemic who will continue to work out of office. Those employees with flexible work arrangements before the pandemic will maintain their model, and workers who cannot perform their jobs effectively from home will be required to come into the office daily.

American Express will introduce the hybrid model over a three-week transition period starting on September 13, 2021. Schedules will be arranged on a location-by-location basis so that no more than 50 percent of workers will be in the office simultaneously.

If the transition period is successful, from October 4, Squeri plans for most employees to work in the office for three days each week, with two choice days.

Squeri said that the company is very much in ‘learning mode’ and the roll-out will depend on the success, or otherwise, over the first few weeks.

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