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Research finds that more than half of US investors would prioritize impact or sustainability credentials over performance to some extent
Managers say they are implementing ESG or impact strategies to “do their part” to tackle the climate crisis, new report finds
Multiple reports state the SEC is investigating Goldman Sachs’ asset management arm for potential greenwashing
FIA EPTA report identifies key areas to support sustainable investment practices such as impact investing
A survey finds evidence of increasing interest in impact investing as the SEC seeks to clamp down on greenwashing
The investment firm failed to carry out ESG screening checks for assets as it had advertised
Alquity partners with Spouting Rock to broaden the distribution of its fund range
Meanwhile, Bloomberg and MSCI have teamed up to launch new bond indexes aligned to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement
Global Impact’s Howard W. Buffett will become White Oak’s newest advisor as part of the collaboration
The credit rating agency now rates airlines, consumer products, US counties and financial institutions on ESG criteria
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