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Research also revealed 87% of investors feel climate change influences their investment choices

Loaning securities must evolve to reflect the needs of investors, says the Risk Management Association

Last week, global banking powerhouse HSBC announced a major commitment to aligning its financial policies with the Paris Agreement and set an ambitious target of net zero carbon emissions within a decade

Investment managers and banks are increasingly launching passive funds with a dedicated focus on environmental, social and governance theme

Investor pressure on environmental issues through stewardship and engagement is failing to translate into material changes in company business plans, research shows

The former central bank governor will lead the development of social and environmental themed funds

Socially responsible exchange-traded funds have more than $100 billion in assets after a market rally and huge investor demand

Behavioral research from Morningstar reveals that investors still want to allocate to sustainable funds despite the challenges of Covid-19

Investors may be paying more for dedicated sustainable funds but witnessing negligible outperformance, compared to traditional mutual funds, research suggests

The Department of Labor (DOL) is extending its request for feedback to registered investment advisory firms (RIAs), as it seeks further input for a controversial law over ESG investments

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