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S&P Global Market Intelligence, formerly S&P Capital IQ and SNL, is the premier provider of breaking news, financial data, and expert analysis on business sectors critical to the global economy. This article originally appeared on the SNL subscriber side of S&P Global's website. Older articles published under the original SNL Financial name can be found here.

Big U.S. banks are confident and hungry for growth

Banking industry expresses lukewarm enthusiasm for small-dollar lending

For smallest banks, regulatory relief bill not a game-changer

New banks begin sprouting again

Twice as many severe enforcement actions terminated as issued so far in 2018

U.S. regulatory relief should trigger large-bank M&A

Weak loan growth could remain for US banks amid policy uncertainty

In U.S. gun controversy, Wells stands apart from big-bank peers

Flattening yield curve may be warning of flaw in Fed's rate path

Bowman to bring "vitally important" community bank voice to Fed board

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