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Financial services took a particularly hard hit in 2020 in terms of ransomware and other cyber-attacks
How leveraging more data and advanced analytics can help financial institutions sharpen their transaction monitoring programs and aid law enforcement
COVID-19 has already proved its substantial impact on online-based fraud
During the pandemic, the cybersecurity risk faced by the financial services sector has grown in significance
Fraudsters are taking advantage of this time to target vulnerable populations and companies
What have we ignored in the economy, culture and technology because addressing developments would be difficult or uncomfortable?
Fraudsters have significantly expanded phishing campaigns to include COVID-19 messaging
Officials have dumped an enormous amount of money into the economy in a matter of weeks. That means the environment is ripe for fraud.
Without proper protections in place, these services can create risks and make sensitive customer information vulnerable
Half of IT professionals surveyed said their companies did not have enough staff or budget to adequately support cybersecurity efforts
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