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David Lester

David Lester

David Lester is managing director and U.S. finance lead at Brightworks Interactive Marketing. Lester's concept of making bank apps more like Fitbits was discussed in the Counterintuitive section of the June/July 2017 Banking Exchange, "Time for a 'banker on your wrist?". Lester is the author of several books and blogs on His formal biography has this to say about his interest in things financial:

"Nothing makes my heart go 'thump' like banking and the finance industry. When I was a little 'ankle biter', I always wanted to be the Sheriff of Nottingham vs. Robin Hood, like all the other kids, because he got to collect all the taxes and keep them. My mom says that my first word was 'penny.' No childhood would have prepared me for a career in advertising for banks!

"My passion for banking and finance led me to spend seven years client side at Merrill Lynch and the BMO Financial Group, and then to advertising for great brands like the Royal Bank of Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Fidelity Investments, and more.

"Having been a banker myself, I was able to use my keen understanding of products and services to help develop 360 brand campaigns that included a robust digital content program to help customers be smart with their money. Being able to make the complexity of banking digestible for people makes me a great marketer and it’s why I love working at Brightworks with our great clients.

"My passion for the finance industry and helping clients spills over into my personal life where I write for the Huffington Post,, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, among others. I’ve even published two personal finance books that have been big hits with everyday people."

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