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A downturn could be the best time to pick up a good deal – but few banks are positioned to do so
Bank to sell 10 sites across three states with the aim of appeasing regulators
The litigation related to four former staff that departed in the wake of a 2015 acquisition
The markets have spiked from Friday through Tuesday
The individuals fraudulently claimed more than $356,000 in emergency assistance loans designed for small businesses
Groups including the ABA and ICBA have attacked a plan to attach the credit card bill to a major defense reform bill
The New Jersey banks have announced a merger worth approximately $1.3 billion
Banking associations have voiced strong opposition to House and Senate bills that aim to break Visa and Mastercard’s dominance
Plus, several other M&A deals have been signed off by regulators
Next year, Timothy J. Abell to become CEO as part of a long-planned succession strategy
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