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CIOs recount some of the strangest requests
Wearables could lead to payments shift
4 in 10 not ready, while chip-and-PIN seen superior to chip-and-sign
Multi-group study sees banks generally as exception
… banks fall short in pricing and relationships, consumer survey shows
Former colleague’s chat drives reconsideration of industry’s future
Everyone in the credit reporting chain’s on the hook now—including banks
Banking other banks helps keep branch footprint—and costs—down
SNL Report: Deal values seesaw in California, but activity holds steady
Payments battle heats up as major competitor moves further into bank turf
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Adaptive Authentication:

Superior User Experience and Growth through Intelligent Security

Banks and financial institutions find themselves trying to satisfy competing priorities. Fraud continues to grow at an alarming pace and in sophistication year-over-year.

Intelligent adaptive authentication is a new approach to combating fraud that solves this problem and achieves the twin goals of reducing fraud and delighting the customer.


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