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From the “Examiner from Hell” to “The director time forgot,” attorney-consultant Jeff Gerrish knows community bankers’ challenges, and provides practical advice and awareness.

Protect your best—or suffer next “lift out”

Written by Jeff Gerrish | 06/27/2017 - 16:41 |
Tips on retaining bankers who make your bank successful

Report from community banking’s trenches

Written by Jeff Gerrish | 06/16/2017 - 14:22 |
From the “Trump effect” to their most recent exams to the M&A picture, optimism reigns

Time to make a deal?

Written by Jeff Gerrish | 05/11/2017 - 10:21 |
Common thoughts and questions community bank leaders have about M&A

10 commandments + 1 for community bank planning

Written by Jeff Gerrish | 04/19/2017 - 13:21 |
This effort can produce—when done properly

Time for boardroom change?

Written by Jeff Gerrish | 04/07/2017 - 01:52 |
Recruitment’s fun. “Decruitment” not so much

Don’t let carelessness blow up your Sub S

Written by Jeff Gerrish | 03/15/2017 - 23:33 |
A warning for Sub S banks

What’s on bank directors’ minds

Written by Jeff Gerrish | 03/08/2017 - 15:28 |
Recruitment, “de-cruitment,” proper involvement, and compensation rank

Can America grow new banks again?

Written by Jeff Gerrish | 01/25/2017 - 16:53 |
Conditions may thaw, but big shift may take time

Time for a 5-point bank tune-up

Written by Jeff Gerrish | 01/12/2017 - 16:38 |
Much has changed. Make sure the bank is ready

Trump era begins with M&A slowdown

Written by Jeff Gerrish | 12/21/2016 - 20:07 |
Dealmakers hit snooze button in hopes of better tax benefits in 2017
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• What is open banking, and how does a financial institution take full advantage of this rapidly growing technology?

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