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The digital currency rose to over $15,000 on Thursday marking its highest price since the beginning of 2018
The digital evolution of banking in a post-COVID environment
National banks and federal savings associations can be crypto-custodians, says the OCC
Decentralized finance (“DeFi") has grown from a blockchain-based FinTech sandbox into a complex array of platforms through which borrowers, lenders and investors can undertake bank-like transactions without banks
More central bank action expected after Bank of England also cuts interest rate to offset COVID-19 effect on economy
KPMG has published a 24-page report explaining the key steps companies must take to ensure success in the digital asset world
While traditional lending struggles with slow growth a niche lending business is experiencing huge momentum
Now offering their institutional clients real-time settlements for digital trades without transaction fees
Almost all of their clients say they hold digital assets already
The new initiative could transform the efficiency of wholesale financing in the auto industry
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